Known for his work in the comic-book field, Kay Wright had a long career in animation and comics which spanned over sixty years. This interview was conducted in June 1992 when Kay was working as a producer at the Hanna-Barbera studio.

Alberto Becattini: Let’s start from the very beginning. Please tell me where and when you were born, and about your family. By the way, Kay sounds like a nickname, so what is your actual first name?

KW: I was born Karran Eccles Wright on September 30, 1919. My father was William Arthur Wright, and my mother’s maiden name was Bertha Olivia Eccles. Ours was a pretty big family. Both my parents were from Utah, and my elder siblings William Jr., Vida, and David Eccles were born there. Then around 1916 the family moved to Flushing, New York, where my sister Janith and I were born, so I was the fifth-born. We then moved back to Ogden, Utah, in 1920, where my father became secretary-treasurer of the W.H. Wright & Sons Co. department store.[...]

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