John Culhane: This is John Culhane. I am on the Mickey Mouse Train, a private railroad car of the Amtrak train. We’ve just pulled out of Chicago Station, at Union Station in Chicago. We’re on our way to Washington, D.C. It is Thursday, November 16, 1978. Last night I was master of ceremonies for two retrospectives of Mickey Mouse cartoons, the fiftieth anniversary celebrations of the Chicago Film Festival at the Biograph Theatre, where John Dillinger was killed, and at the Varsity Theatre in Evanston. Introducing Ward Kimball, the great Walt Disney animator, one of the Nine Old Men, interviewed on CBS Television last night live by Gene Siskel, the film critic of the Chicago Tribune.[...]

JC: Who were the two guys that Walt used to tell the story, “They can’t think of good stories, but I keep them around because… ”?

Ward Kimball: That’s what he told me on that trip in ’48. Homer Brightman and Harry Reeves. He told me that sitting in a car going across the Arizona desert.

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