Welcome to another exciting episode of the Disney Avenue Podcast. For our very first show of 2016, we are joined by R.J. and Suzanne Ogren who are two former Walt Disney World cast members and they are about to blow you away with some amazing stories from their incredible careers working at the vacation kingdom. R.J. painted Animatronic figures and "plussed" attractions. Suzanne drove monorails, marched in parades, and entertained as Sleepy the dwarf, among other things. Together, the Ogrens brought their unique skills to Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom during its formative years. R.J. and Suzanne are about to share their wonderful memories with us so make sure not to miss this fantastic show.

Their new book that is available now is titled Together in the Dream: The Unique Careers of a Husband and Wife in the Early Decades of Walt Disney World. You'll read stories such as how Disney trains its monorail drivers, and the surprisingly rigorous tests they must pass to qualify, life in the "Dwarf unit" and the tight-knit group of cast members who perform as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in the Magic Kingdom, why some Animatronic characters don't wear pants, and even about that time R.J. had to repair a bullet hole in the Haunted Mansion. Make sure to grab your copy today at ThemeParkPress.com or Amazon. So friends, sit back and relax as we listen to the incredible stories and history of R.J. and Suzanne Ogren in this fantastic episode of the Disney Avenue Podcast…Enjoy!