Here’s two interviews tangled together in one… Zachary Levi, the voice of Flynn Rider, and Mandy Moore, the voice of Rapunzel.


  • 00:01:49  Zachary Levi explains if Flynn Rider’s look was modeled after him
  • 00:02:37  Working with Mandy on music and dialogue; Working with the orchestra; He was new to professional singing, this was Zach’s first professional singing job
  • 00:05:28  Singing Alan Menken’s music in Tangled, but a huge fan of Menken’s work
  • 00:06:42  Zach’s audition process
  • 00:09:11  Changing his voice for the role
  • 00:10:45  Mandy Moore discusses performing as a voice role vs. an on-camera role; She only had sketches and oral explanations for character reference; Recording the dialogue; Directors Bryon Howard and Nathan Greno
  • 00:13:50  Mandy’s audition process; Becoming a Disney princess
  • 00:15:16  Seeing the finished movie; Being a part of a Disney legacy and Mandy’s feelings about her character, Rapunzel; Differences from other animation she’s worked
  • 00:18:05  Mandy’s favorite memories working on Tangled, and how part of it was a career highlight