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FROM Hollywood recently has come a unique mechanism designed specifically to give a popular old picture a "new look." Walt Disney's "Fantasia," which originally appeared in 1940 and was heralded then as the first motion picture with multi-track sound, is currently being revived and shown via a new projection technique which not only expands the picture image, but having expanded it, also contracts it back to standard proportions many times during the showing. A more effective "Fantasia" than that which came out 15 years ago is thereby achieved.

The Buena Vista Distributing Co., distributor of Disney films, proposes to distribute the reborn product in key cities throughout the country. It was announced that no engagement will be contracted unless the proper equipment for the new mode of projection is installed. The Trans-Lux Normandie Theatre in New York was the first to make the necessary installation and exhibit the film.

Variable Aspect Ratio

Projectionists may remember what "Fantasia" looked and sounded like in the pre-CinemaScope days when it first came on the scene. No one then commented on the size of the screen, because it was the standard 1.33 to 1 ratio that was used for every 35-mm film in those days. The multi-track sound system, however, received much well-deserved praise because it was a daring and successful venture. Today on the other hand, it is not the sound that is talked about, though this aspect also has been further improved upon. Today it is the versatile screening, the right-in-front-of-your-eyes changing of the size of the screen and picture image during the continuous projection of the feature that is worthy of mention.

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