Jack Lindquist was not only the first President of Disneyland, but one of the most important innovators of theme park marketing. This podcast is a tribute to the amazing spokesperson that the themed entertainment industry lost on February 28, 2016. Here’s a recording of the 2013 IAAPA Disney Legends Panel, from Orlando, Florida. The presentation is based on the “Year of the Author.” It’s moderated by Bob Rogers (BRC Imagination Arts), and sitting on the panel is Jack Lindquist (former President of Disneyland, Author of In Service to the Mouse), Marty Sklar (former Ambassador of Walt Disney Imagineering, Author of Dream It! Do It!), and Lee Cockerell (former President of Walt Disney World Resort, Author of Creating Magic and The Customer Rules). Not the best recording (since this audio was never meant to be published), but a wonderful and educational piece on the industry, the importance of leadership, and includes the quick wit of the late, great, Jack Lindquist.