A lot of fellows wonder why we have to have the new Studio. I feel that we are fortunate that we have this new Studio, and believe me when I say that it is actually cheaper to operate our present organization in the new Studio than it was in the old ones.

Regarding the moving of the buildings from Hyperion, let me say that the quicker we move all usable buildings off the Hyperion lot and completely dismantle it, the quicker we will save money, because taxes and the necessity of watchmen over there are costing the Studio dough.

Some people think that we have class distinction in this place. They wonder why some get better seats in the theater than others. They wonder why some men get spaces in the parking lot and others can't.

I have always felt, and always will feel, that the men who are contributing the most to the organization should, out of respect alone, enjoy some privileges. I have tried to be democratic about everything that I have done. If I had the money, I would gladly enlarge the parking space. That is the reason we have instituted a charge of 20c a week for parking, and those who are not willing to spend 20c a week for parking space can then park wherever they find a place.