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Until a few months ago the work of animating characters in the Walt Disney studios was purely a man’s job. Today there is a special art class made up of talented young women of the organization, who are receiving final training in the job of creating the whole gallery of Disney characters, of animating such interesting effects as smoke clouds, water and other enchanting Disney phenmnena.

But animating is only the newest branch of the business of making cartoons which has been thrown open to women in this Hollywood cartoon "plant.”

In the vast and complex workshops which go to make up the Disney organization, women are holding important posts in story and character development, backgrounds, layouts, and cutting; the music editor who cut "Fantasia” is a woman, Louisa Field. Working days are 8:30 to 5:30, weekdays, every other Saturday off. Salaries are from $18 to $75 per week, would be higher if more girls didn’t work a couple of years, marry and quit. […]