BOB THOMAS: What have you done on The Rescuers, Bob?

BOB MCCREA: Practically all albatross. I have animated and cleaned up practically all of it. I didn’t animate all of it, Ollie did a lot of it, but I cleaned up practically all of it and animated three hundred or four hundred feet. I don’t know how much, exactly. Mostly the flying scenes. They were done from live action a lot and then juggled. Some, of course, couldn’t be done from live action.

BT: These were the takeoffs from the Pan Am building?

BM: I did the scenes where he landed, with the exception of the ass-over-teakettle one that Ollie did. He did all the comic stuff from there on. Then he did the takeoff stuff. Once they got in the air I did them all. All going through the stoplight and all through the pipe and through the clouds and all this kind of stuff.

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