JOHN CULHANE: An acquaintance of Molina Campos said that he had a shade of grey-blue that he was noted for in South America and that this shade was used as Goofy rides his horse chasing the ostrich across the pampas. According to someone, he physically painted that shade of grey-blue. Is that true?

KEN ANDERSON: I didn’t know about that. I would be inclined to doubt it. I don’t think he ever painted it or any product for us. I could be wrong. No, he may have sent an example of his color and he did attempt to make things follow his style and his direction. And the only reason he failed was because our animation characters were not quite the same as his. The background is gonna be the same, you understand. The backgrounds had to echo what our animation is, and yet the inspiration of Molina Campos was basically there. And I’m sure it was. It just wasn’t followed too closely.

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