INTERVIEWER: For these videotapes we’re going to separate introductions for each of the seven cartoons, like for one of the titles called An Officer and a Duck it’s going to be all about the wartime stuff. We’re also asking you to do this reminiscence about the Donald “Bee” pictures.

JACK HANNAH: Well, Carl Barks and I did most of the Pete being “The Sergeant” films. We did those while the war was brewing or getting close to it. And Fall in Fall Out, all of that.

I: Donald’s “Bee” pictures are: Inferior Decorator, Honey Harvester, Slide Donald Slide, Bee at the Beach, Bee on Guard, and Let’s Stick Together. They’re from 1948–52. I guess I was wondering, first of all, who thought of the bee idea? How did that gag come up? Where did it come from, and then how did you decide to make a series out of it?

JH: I can say with pretty good remembrance that we intended a series like Chip ‘n Dale or Humphrey the Bear that became a working group with the Duck and with the little Ranger and everything. But with the bee, I think the bees kind of came on gradually; we used the little beetle.

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