JOHN CULHANE: Before anything else, I wanted to talk to you about “Dance of the Hours”. That’s got to be one of the great animation highlights of all time. [Hands T. Hee a picture.]

T. HEE: I’ve changed a little bit since then.

JC: So have I! You should have seen me that year. I don’t know if you remember Robert Feild’s book.

TH: Vaguely. I met him and talked with him a little bit. I think I have a copy of that somewhere. Wasn’t it called The Art of Walt Disney?

JC: Yes. There is a long scene which takes place in a music room. Of course, nobody is ever named in that, but there are two men sitting on the floor listening to “Dance of the Hours” again, again, and again. And they pan the thing out. I was wondering if that was probably you and Fergie [Norm Ferguson]?

TH: Yes, it was. Fergie and I were co-directors on this sequence of “Dance of the Hours”. If we were sitting on the floor, it was probably because we were looking at the base of the storyboard.

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