JIM MACDONALD: On King of the Grizzlies, one of the paradoxical remarks of Winston Hibler was, “When the bear gets shot and dies, I want to bring that alive.”
[Changing the subject.]

JOHN CULHANE: I thought that Burt Gillett came back to do Clock Cleaners?

JM: No, that was Ben Sharpsteen.
I was doing a picture for Burt Gillett, and I was pounding on a door for him, and he said, “It isn’t loud enough, I want something louder. How hard can you pound?” I pounded on the door. He said, “I want it louder.” I got a hammer, rawhide mallet, and he says, “No, that sounds like a mallet, I want a…” You know, I pounded on that door until I broke my wrist.

JC: You actually broke your wrist?

JM: I actually broke my wrist, and I went into the john, it was all swollen up like this, and Leigh Harline was in there and he said, “What happened to your wrist?” And, I said, “Oh, hell, I’ve been pounding on a door for that director.” It swelled up like this, and I went to the doctor and I’d broken one bone in there from pounding on that damn door.

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