In a special presentation moderated by the Film Society’s Noah Cowan, Pixar’s legendary innovators John Lasseter, Ed Catmull, Andrew Stanton and Pete Docter take you on a personal tour of the studio’s early days and the explore the process and creative vision that led to the first ever fully computer-animated feature film. [from San Francisco Film Society website] In an unprecedented look back at the earliest days of Pixar Animation Studios, the company’s key leadership figures will share their detailed accounts of the inspiration, technology and storytelling principles that gave birth to the groundbreaking animation powerhouse and its first feature film. Founding members of the Pixar team—Chief Creative Officer John Lasseter and President Ed Catmull, along with the first employees they hired, writer/directors Pete Docter and Andrew Stanton—will relate personal stories of their experiences and participate in a richly detailed multimedia presentation chronicling the development of the first fully computer-animated feature film. The program will include never-before-seen footage from Pixar’s archives, rare behind-the-scenes material and recorded testimonials from film and technology luminaries, providing an inside look at how the studio’s creative process has developed since its first film was released 20 years ago. Following the presentation, a special 20th anniversary screening of Toy Story will give audiences a chance to revisit the now-classic film that started it all.