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As Ralph Eggleston carefully notes, to serve as production designer of Disney/Pixar Animation Studios' CG-animated block-buster Finding Nemo, he needed at least three feet.
"Just like with any film or play, a production designer's job is to work with the director and define the overall visual concepts supporting the characters and emotions of the story," he explains. "To provide the architecture and art of the film — settings, character designs, colors, patterns and textures — that allow other folks to do their jobs, like creating set designs, so that they can be built and then laid out. It's really one foot in theater — well, if I had three feet, it would be one foot in animation, one in theater and one in live-action."

In that case, Eggleston would need yet another foot to stand on. "For production, yes," he agrees. "To hop around from meeting to meeting. So, my job is to provide everything so the film can actually, physically be made."