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Following in your own footsteps is a challenge that every successful filmmaker may face, even – perhaps, especially – in the world of animation. Just ask the creative team behind Toy Story 2, Pixar Animation Studio's follow-up to 1995's top box-office attraction, Toy Story. What began as a direct-to-video offering with a cast of "sound-alikes" soon blossomed into a full-blown theatrical feature, with the original cast signing on to reprise their roles. Sequel status notwithstanding, this is a film that everyone involved in thinks can definitely stand on its own merits.

Considering the relaxed, Disney-esque atmosphere of its Richmond, California headquarters, it's no surprise that Pixar would produce such first-class family-oriented animated entertainment. There is a camaraderie among the staff reflecting their passion and commitment to their craft. Today, several members of the Toy Story 2 production team (who refer to the film as TS2) wax effusive, anxious to share their enthusiasm about a picture that's obviously close to their hearts. For this, Pixar's third full-length computer-animated film, director John Lasseter (STARLOG #269) enlisted the support of several of the studio's most skilled artisans, among them co-directors Ash Brannon and Lee Unkrich, head of story Dan Jeup, co-producer Karen Robert Jackson, supervising animator Glenn McQueen, production designer William Cone and supervising technical director Galyn Susman.