Mark Oftedal was one of the core group of animators at Pixar to work on Toy Story. When I came to work on A Bugs Life, he had just finished work on Toy Story. Marks’ animation was always inspiring to look at and really set the bar for others. He worked on Toy Story, A Bugs Life, Toy Story 2 and did a bit of pre-production on Monsters before he left to pursue other things. He has recently worked on a short film and is also doing a comic book for a wildlife rescue organization. He is also one of the partners of an animation software company called Digitalfish, started by another former Pixar employee, Dan Herman. Their aim was to make a really easy to use animationpackage. The software is called Reflex. Calarts is beta testing the software.

Mark will always be considered one of the best animators at Pixar. He was a great mentor and his interview is very educational.