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The article consist of several interesting and funny stories told by imagineers who worked on the EDL (Euro Disneyland) project.
They are safely back home now like soldiers of old, back from the wars, their ranks tired but victorious and proud. For years these Imagineers had been in the trenches, had toiled in the mud, rain and snow. Days beyond counting. Weeks without end. Like an earlier generation these men and women had fought on French soil, but this time there was no Maginot line nor an enemy about to invade their kingdom. Their common foe was the clock and the budget and ultimately theirs was the uncommon victory of making EDL happen, on time, on budget. Theirs was a feat without precedent on the continent of Europe. So before the colors fade and the sound of fanfares die, let us hear some of the stories of those hearty souls just back from the front…[…]
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