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It's 25 years old now, and once again people are trying to horn into it—and where it may all end, no one knows

It was a good lesson to Mr. Walter Disney of Chicago, Illinois; Marceline and Kansas City, Missouri; and Burbank, California. For more than twenty years he'd been putting fantasy on the screen, and then the urge had come over him to get a breath of reality. So he had produced something called Victory Through Airpower, and people had stayed away from it in hordes. So Mr. Disney went back to thinking up new impossibilities for incredible birds, animals and semihuman characters to perform, and everything was pleasant again at the box office.

It was twenty-five years ago this spring that Mr. Disney left the grim world of reality and went soaring off into a dream heaven peopled by mice, cows, cats, ducks, parrots, roosters, deer and fairy-tale characters. At first these were silent and in black and white. Then they made noises and talked, in a queer sort of way. Then they appeared in color and got along all right for years. […]