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Florence Gill wanted to bring pleasure to the world by being an opera star ... and she has done just that, but with the strangest supporting cast a singer ever had

This is a story about one of the fantasy folk under contract to Walt Disney Studios. It isn't Donald Duck, who gets into more trouble than Peck's Bad Boy; or Pluto, whose gallant heart is bigger than his flapping ears; or even heroic Mickey Mouse, who in equally successful at dragging maidens from distress and laughs from a hard-boiled audience.
Instead we tell about "The Barnyard Nightingale," the character Madame Clara Cluck, the singing chicken, who has done more doubling than a stunt man in a western picture and who has been everything from the opera singer of Mickey's Grand Opera, to all three of The Three Orphan Kittens. Mickey, Donald, Pluto, and Minnie, were joined by another because an English singer decided to take a trip to India — via California. This singer, Florence Gill, is now known for her soprano chirrups in many of the Disney cartoons.