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The consensus of opinion in Hollywood, last winter and spring, was that it had been a great year for ducks. This
reluctant comment pertained to the weather, which all season had been so rainy as to amount to a revolution in climate. But aside from the prolonged deluge (about which Californians were inclined to be sensitive), it was still a great year for ducks; for it marked the motion-picture début of one particular, distinguished, and delirious duck who was an almost instantaneous success throughout the country.

I refer to Donald Duck, the latest important character to join Walt Disney’s animated Hollywood stock company headed by the immortal Mickey Mouse.

Donald Duck is already famous. But his leap to fame has been so sudden that the details of his meteoric career have yet to be made public. It is my privilege to report them to that discriminating army of cartoon addicts who, like myself, would rather see a Mickey Mouse film than be President. (Or even an ex-President, for that matter.)