A certain experience in his youth might easily have made Walt Kelly a cynic, and that would have been too bad. A cynical Walt Kelly could never have created such a sweetheart of a talking-animal comic strip as the one called Pogo—a warm and delightful mixture of slapstick, hilarious dialogue and brilliant satire which, at last reckoning, was appearing in 226 newspapers with 37,000,000 readers all over the United States and Canada, and in Mexico City, Tokyo and Bangkok.

The figures quoted above will be obsolete by the time this gets into print, since Pogo, an everlovin' possum, and his addled compatriots of the Okefenokee Swamp, are currently picking up new papers at the rate of one every 48 hours. In little more than two years, Pogo has vaulted incredibly into the Top Ten among syndicated comics. […]