Interview arranged by William "Sully" Sullivan with Walt Disney's wife Lillian, daughter Diane, and granddaughter Jenny at the dedication of EPCOT Center. The interview took place in the United Kingdom Pavilion. Jim Korkis provides extensive background information about this interview and it's genesis including interview snippets from Sully Sullivan at MousePlanet: Lillian Disney Interview - October 1982 "[Sully Sullivan: ...] “I saw Diane driving around the property in a pargo [electric golf cart] with her mom and daughter. Mrs. [Lillian] Disney never did interviews but I asked her if she would do a quick one for me. “Mrs. Disney said, ‘What are you going to use it for?’ I said, ‘We’re going to use it for history, so we can train our people.” “She smiled and said, ‘Well, as long as it’s for you Sully, I’ll do it.’ […]"

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