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Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and all their pals went completely "all out" in the service of their country during the war — but now they are back. When the world upheaval fully calms down, Walt may want to go to Europe or Australia and do pictures based on the music and local color, as was done with his South American pictures. This will be his contribution to the good-will of the world at peace, and should be a potent force in helping peoples of different countries to understand each other. Key men are daily returning to the studio from the various war zones. Promising talents are being trained in special studio classes. The physical plant is also being enlarged to accommodate an extended and intensified activity in every department.

The Disney policy, under the constant and watchful eye of Walt himself, has been defined as a continuous advance toward perfection with every foot of film turned out. This is a never-changing process of searching and testing new ideas, of refining technical methods, inventing and improving fresh effects and, to sum up, continue to provide the public with motion pictures that shall combine beauty, humor and romance, the priceless ingredients of all good entertainment.

With Walt Disney's entry into the full-length production field, his methods of creating animated pictures have become increasingly complex. Gone are the days when most of a picture was worked out by Walt and a handful of co-workers sitting around a luncheon table. Now, the script for a Disney feature more closely resembles the script for a regular motion picture.

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