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If you can imagine a sound system that utilizes 36 speaker units on the stage alone, plus 22 small cabinet-type speakers scattered throughout the auditorium; if you can imagine the magnificent reproduction accorded by this combination of speaker units to a superb recording of some of the world's greatest music by one of the finest symphonic orchestras ever assembled; if you can imagine a sound track that permits superb delicacy of control over every nuance of sound produced by such an orchestra; if you can imagine a sound system that produces 600 watts of power without overloading; if you can imagine a projection set-up that includes separate heads, interlocked by Selsyn motors, which enable the attainment of absolute synchronism as between the visual and the sound tracks — if you can imagine these salient features of a sound reproducing system, then, and then only, will you appreciate the worth, no less than the significance as a milestone in the technical progress of the motion picture industry, of RCA's new recording and reproducing system — Fantasound. […]

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