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The imagination of Walt Disney (1901-1966) is still seen in theme parks throughout the world bearing his name, on numerous live-action films and television specials, on toys and assorted merchandise, and on an international corporation known both for the high quality of its creative output and its ubiquity.

Walt Disney: Conversations collects interviews and profiles of the man who created Mickey Mouse, and produced such full-length animated classics as Snow White, Cinderella, Fantasia, Bambi, The Lady and the Tramp, Dumbo, Sleeping Beauty, Peter Pan, and Pinocchio, along with countless short cartoons.

Bringing together over twenty pieces from the late 1920s to the late 1960s, this book traces Disney's career from the early classic Steamboat Willie to the construction of Disneyland, and the live-action ventures The Mickey Mouse Club and Mary Poppins. Walt Disney: Conversations shows how Disney saw his productions as shapers of popular culture and reveals how firmly he understood the issues of his time.

Featuring an interview conducted by producer Cecil B. DeMille, Disney's testimony before the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC), and rarely seen pieces from the Disney corporation's archives, Walt Disney: Conversations reveals a complex visionary whose impact on animation, live-action film, television, and theme parks has never been equaled.

Kathy Merlock Jackson is professor and coordinator of communications at Virginia Wesleyan College. Her works include Walt Disney: A Bio-Bibliography and Images of Children in American Film: A Socio-Cultural Analysis. She has also been published in the Journal of Popular Culture, the Journal of American Culture, and the Journal of Popular Film and Television. She lives in Virginia Beach.


  1. How silly symphonies and Mickey Mouse hit the up grade (1929, Florabel Muir)
  2. Snow White's daddy (1938, George Kent)
  3. Interview of Walt Disney by Cecil B. DeMille (1938, Cecil B. DeMille)
  4. Talk given by Walt to all Disney employees (Walt Disney)
  5. Mr. and Mrs. Disney (1941-03, n/a)
  6. That million-dollar mouse (1947, Frank Nugent)
  7. The testimony of Walter E. Disney before the House Committee on Un-American Activities (1947, Robert E. Stripling, H. A. Smith)
  8. The amazing secret of Walt Disney (1955, Don Eddy)
  9. Walt Disney : world's most successful showman (1957-09, Paul Molloy)
  10. Interview by Tony Thomas (1959, Tony Thomas)
  11. Interview by David Griffiths (1959, David Griffiths)
  12. A visit with Walt Disney (1959-05, Lee Edson)
  13. Interview with Stan Hellenk (1960, Stan Hellenk)
  14. The wide world of Walt Disney (1962, n/a)
  15. Interview with Fletcher Markle (1963, Fletcher Markle)
  16. Interview with Hooper Fowler (1964-01, Hooper Fowler)
  17. 80 million a year from fantasy (1964, Frank Rasky)
  18. The fantastic Walt Disney (1964, Bill Davidson)
  19. The wonderful world of Walt Disney (1966-67, winter, Bill Ballantine)


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