Legendary Imagineer is a companion publication to DESIGN: Just for Fun,which is focused primarily on the major projects where Bob was theprincipal designer. It includes highlights of Bob's childhood thru high school,which established the basic approach to his philosophy of design and to hispassions for life experiences.BOB GURR: Legendary Imagineer probes deeper into his life and times.Starting with a detailed family genealogy, which was chronicled in hisgrandmother's journal, compiled over a 53-year span of her life documentingthe family history from 1635 thru 1953. While a few more of his projectsare described, the primary tales that Bob weaves are about the passions andadventures in his life that the reader might find most interesting, quite beyondthe general public knowledge of his connection with Walt Disney.These "tantalizing" tales explore his worlds of aviation, especially his fifty yearsof flying gliders. Automobiles and auto racing, historic auto collecting, andWorld travels are his passion. Photography, meteorology, and earth scienceshave always been subjects of his curiosity. You'll learn about his philosophiesof living a happy and healthy life, such as mountain biking, starting at age 68when most folks just stay retired. Bob typically is active with perhaps fiftypublic appearances each year, enjoying the sharing of personal Walt Disneystories. BOB GURR: Legendary Imagineer is the story of a life well lived.


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