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The Real Story of Snow White

In this oral history of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the artists, animators, directors, storymen, and other notables who helped create Walt Disney's greatest film reveal in their own words what it was like to shape cinematic history, and to work at the fledgling Disney Studio.

Few people are left alive today who had a major role in the production of Snow White. But, in the late 1980s, film historian David Johnson conducted an extensive series of interviews with "Snow White's people", from directors and animators to "ink-and-paint girls", to preserve the story of what many said was their proudest achievement.

Johnson's interviews, recorded on cassette tape, were put in a box and placed on a shelf for over twenty years, until he sent the tapes to Theme Park Press for transcription and for editing by Disney historian Didier Ghez, who curates the Walt's People series.

In this volume, fifteen more of Snow White's people tell their tales, for the first time anywhere: Adriana Caselotti, Adrienne Tytla, Berny Wolf, Don Brodie, Joe Grant, Ken Anderson, Lucy and Isabelle Wheaton, Marc Davis, Marceil Clark Ferguson, Marge Champion, Maurice Noble, Ruthie Tompson, Thor Putnam, Volus Jones, and Ward Kimball.

You know the story of Snow White. Now enjoy the stories of Snow White's People!


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