Working with Walt Presents a collection of interviews and conversations with animators, voice actors, and designers who worked extensively with Walt Disney during the studio's heyday - including those who directed segments of such classic features as "Dumbo" and "Fantasia"


  1. Ben Sharpsteen (Don Peri)
  2. Dick Huemer (Don Peri)
  3. Clarence Nash (Don Peri)
  4. Wilfred Jackson (Don Peri)
  5. Marcellite Garner (Don Peri)
  6. Ken O'Connor (Don Peri)
  7. Floyd Gottfredson (Don Peri)
  8. Les Clark (Don Peri)
  9. Ken Anderson (Don Peri)
  10. Larry Clemmons (Don Peri)
  11. Herb Ryman (Don Peri)
  12. Jack Cutting (Don Peri)
  13. Harper Goff (Don Peri)
  14. Eric Larson (Don Peri)
  15. Don Duckwall (Don Peri)


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