The Secrets of Disney's Success

Disney's former Director of Corporate Synergy, Lorraine Santoli, gives a first-person, behind-the-scenes account of how she and her colleagues spearheaded Disney's financial and cultural recovery during the Michael Eisner and Frank Wells era.

When Santoli left NBC to join the Disney team, the studio that Walt built was in a rut. Its leadership was weak, its films forgettable. The arrival of Eisner and Wells brought revolutionary change to how the company operated and, more important, how it marketed its products. The word of the day: synergy.

In Inside the Disney Marketing Machine, Santoli shows you what it was like to reshape a faltering company into today's media juggernaut. Her enlightening anecdotes and stories, along with exclusive contributions from senior Disney management, include:

  • Coming up with creative marketing campaigns that led to big box office for new Disney films and a surge in theme park attendance
  • Carrying out Eisner's directive to bring synergy to every division in the company
  • Creating the tools that underpin Disney's amazing success in cross-promoting its products, from films to theme parks
  • Collaborating with celebrities, national media, and Disney's movers-and-shakers to put the Mouse back on top

Come inside the world's most powerful marketing machine and see how Disney really makes its magic!


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