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The many millions of people of all ages who ever laughed at and loved Walt Disney's charming productions must at some time have wondered how his ideas originate and by what steps they are finally made into finished pictures.

While not in any way technical, this book describes how things happen in the Disney Studio - how Walt Disney himself acts as inspiration and co-ordinating spirit for all the the several hundred artists and production men and women who work with him. An inside picture is given of the conditions under which the people work, the problems they face and the many different stages through which idea and drawing must pass before taking its part in the final production.

The many drawings and photographs, in full colour as well as in black and white, show actual working sketches of different phases in the production of a picture. They offer a remarkable insight into the artists' minds, and an intimacy with the whole method of procedure. Thus the book will give its readers a still greater enjoyment of Walt Disney's remarkable art.

[Source: jacket text]