"The Walt’s People series, edited by Didier Ghez, is a collection of some of the best
interviews ever conducted with Disney artists.
Contributors to the series include noted Disney experts Robin Allan, Paul F.
Anderson, Michael Barrier, Albert Becattini, John Canemaker, John Culhane, Pete
Docter, Christopher Finch, J.B. Kaufman, Jim Korkis, Christian Renaut, Linda
Rosenkrantz, Dave Smith, and Charles Solomon.
Walt’s People - Volume 12 features in-depth interviews with Milt Albright, Lloyd
Beebe, Bill Bosché, Olive Bosché, Les Clark, Larry Clemmons, Evelyn Coats, Del
Connell, Jack Couffer, Alice Disney Allen, Charlie Downs, Al Eugster, Sammy
Fain, Warren Garst, Theo Halladay about Sylvia Holland, Marge Hudson, Kim
Irvine, Milt Kahl, Ralph Kent, Jack Kloepper, Burny Mattinson, Paul Murry, Mel
Shaw, ans Leota Toombs. It contains hundreds of new stories about the Studio and
its artists and should delight even the most serious historians and enthusiasts."

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  1. Walt's People - Talking Disney with the Artists Who Knew Him (Didier Ghez)
  2. Alice Disney Allen (1972, Dave Smith)
  3. Jack Kloepper (1970-10, Dave Smith)
  4. Gordon “Felix” Mills (2010-03, Jim Korkis)
  5. Les Clark (1972, John Culhane)
  6. Al Eugster (John Culhane)
  7. Piercing the Perce Pearce Mystery (Didier Ghez, George Grant)
  8. Evelyn Coats (2001-08-11, 2001-08-25, 2001-12-22, 2002-01-26, Alan Coats)
  9. Marge Hudson and Evelyn Coats (2002, Alan Coats)
  10. Mel Shaw (1994, Paul F. Anderson)
  11. Mel Shaw (2004, EMC West)
  12. Sylvia Holland (2008, 2009, Didier Ghez)
  13. Sammy Fain (1978, David Tietyen)
  14. My Family Disney Dynasty (2006-01, n/a)
  15. Olive Bosché (2011, Didier Ghez)
  16. Bill Bosché (1977, Dave Smith)
  17. Charlie Downs (1991, Steve Hulett)
  18. The Life and Times of John Dunn (2006, Amid Amidi)
  19. Del Connell (1993, Alberto Becattini)
  20. Paul Murry Letter sent to Wayne DeWald in 1970 (1970, Jim Korkis)
  21. Paul Murry (1970s, Donald and Lynda Ault)
  22. Paul Murry (1970, George Sherman)
  23. The Lurking Camera (1954-08, Walt Disney)
  24. Film Music and Its Use in Beaver Valley (1950, James Algar)
  25. Animals Are Like Other People (1954-09, Tom McHugh)
  26. Warren Garst (2011, Didier Ghez)
  27. Jack Couffer (2010-10, Didier Ghez)
  28. Lloyd Beebe (2010, Didier Ghez, Jim Korkis)
  29. Lloyd Beebe (2000, Brian Shoemaker)
  30. Milt Albright (2008, Didier Ghez)
  31. Milt Albright (1990, Michael Mallory)
  32. Ralph Kent (2006-08, Louis A. Mongello)
  33. Larry Clemmons (1972-10, John Culhane)
  34. Milt Kahl (1976, Michael Barrier, Milton Gray)
  35. John Pomeroy about Milt Kahl (1996, Charles Solomon)
  36. Leota Toombs Thomas (1988-06, Leota Toombs Thomas)
  37. Kim Irvine (2008-08-06, 2008-09-10, Didier Ghez)
  38. Burny Mattinson (2008-09-02, 2008-09-11, Didier Ghez)


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