The Walt’s People series, edited by Didier Ghez, is a collection of some of the best interviews ever conducted with Disney artists.

Contributors to the series include noted Disney experts Robin Allan, Paul F. Anderson, Michael Barrier, Albert Becattini, John Canemaker, John Culhane, Pete Docter, Christopher Finch, J.B. Kaufman, Jim Korkis, Christian Renaut, Linda Rosenkrantz, Dave Smith, and Charles Solomon.

Walt’s People - Volume 10 features in-depth interviews conducted by Bob Thomas with James Algar, Bill Anderson, Ken Anderson, Roger Broggie, George Bruns, Harriet Burns, Larry Clemmons, Bill Cottrell, Marc Davis, Marvin Davis, Edna Disney, Lillian Disney, Roy E. Disney, Walt Disney, Robert Foster, Joe Fowler, Hazel George, Harper Goff, John Hench, Winston Hibler, Dick Huemer, Dick Irvine, Ub Iwerks, Wilfred Jackson, Ollie Johnston, Milt Kahl, Ward Kimball, John Lounsbery, Ham Luske, Walt Pfeiffer, Joe Potter, Woolie Reitherman, Wathel Rogers, Herb Ryman, Robert Stevenson, Donn Tatum, Frank Thomas, Dolores Voght, Card Walker, and Bill Walsh. It contains hundreds of new stories about the Studio and its artists and should delight even the most serious historians and enthusiasts.

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  1. Walt's People - Talking Disney with the Artists Who Knew Him (Didier Ghez)
  2. A History of Bob Thomas’ Biography of Walt Disney (2010, Jim Korkis)
  3. Bob Thomas (2008, Didier Ghez)
  4. Bob Thomas (1992, Paul F. Anderson)
  5. Walt Disney (1965, Bob Thomas)
  6. Walt Pfeiffer (1973, Bob Thomas)
  7. Lillian Disney (1973, Bob Thomas)
  8. Edna Disney (1973-07-31, Bob Thomas)
  9. Ub Iwerks (1956, Bob Thomas)
  10. Wilfred Jackson (1973, Bob Thomas)
  11. Bill Cottrell (1973, Bob Thomas)
  12. Herb Ryman (1974, Bob Thomas)
  13. Walt’s secretaries (2010, Jim Korkis)
  14. Dolores Voght Scott (1973, Bob Thomas)
  15. Ham Luske (1956, Bob Thomas)
  16. Woolie Reitherman (1973, Bob Thomas)
  17. John Lounsbery (1973, Bob Thomas)
  18. Ward Kimball (1973, Bob Thomas)
  19. Frank Thomas (1973-05-10, 1973-05-17, Bob Thomas)
  20. Milt Kahl (1973, Bob Thomas)
  21. Hazel George (1973, Bob Thomas)
  22. Marc Davis (1973, Bob Thomas)
  23. Dick Huemer (1973, Bob Thomas)
  24. Ollie Johnston (1973, Bob Thomas)
  25. Ken Anderson (1973, Bob Thomas)
  26. George Bruns (1973, Bob Thomas)
  27. Larry Clemmons (1973, Bob Thomas)
  28. Bill Anderson (1973, Bob Thomas)
  29. Robert Stevenson (1973, Bob Thomas)
  30. Bill Walsh (1973-05-23, 1974-09-10, Bob Thomas)
  31. Roy E. Disney (1973, Bob Thomas)
  32. Winston Hibler (1973, Bob Thomas)
  33. James Algar (1973, Bob Thomas)
  34. John Hench (1973, Bob Thomas)
  35. Harper Goff (1973, Bob Thomas)
  36. Dick Irvine (1973, Bob Thomas)
  37. Card Walker (1973, Bob Thomas)
  38. Donn Tatum (1973, Bob Thomas)
  39. Wathel Rogers (1973, Bob Thomas)
  40. Roger Broggie (1973, Bob Thomas)
  41. Marvin Davis (1973, Bob Thomas)
  42. Joe Potter (1973-08-17, 1973-08-19, Bob Thomas)
  43. Robert Foster (1973, Bob Thomas)
  44. Joe Fowler (1973, Bob Thomas)


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