Walt's People - Volume 2 The Walt's People series, edited by Didier Ghez, is a collection of the best interviews ever conducted with Disney artists. Contributors to the series include noted Disney experts Robin Allan, Paul F. Anderson, Michael Barrier, J.B. Kaufman, Jim Korkis, Mike Lyons, John Province, Thorkil B. Rasmussen, Christian Renaut, and Wes Sullivan. Walt's People - Volume 2 features in-depth interviews with artists Friz Freleng, Grim Natwick, Frank Tashlin, Ward Kimball, Floyd Gottfredson, Herb Ryman, Frank Thomas, Dale Oliver, Eric Larson, Woolie Reitherman, Richard Rich, and Glen Keane. These interviews discuss among many other subjects 'the Bambi that never was," the ...

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  1. Walt's People - Talking Disney with the Artists Who Knew Him (Didier Ghez)
  2. Friz Freleng (1991-01-08, 1991-07-20, J.B. Kaufman)
  3. Grim Natwick (1990, John Province)
  4. Frank Tashlin (1971, Michael Barrier)
  5. Ward Kimball (1996, Jim Korkis)
  6. Ward Kimball (1996, Michael Barrier)
  7. Floyd Gottfredson (1979, Arn Saba)
  8. Herb Ryman (1985, Robin Allan)
  9. Frank Thomas (1987-08, 1998, Christian Renaut)
  10. Dale Oliver (2001, Wes Sullivan)
  11. Eric Larson (1985, Robin Allan)
  12. Eric Larson (1978, Thorkil Rasmussen)
  13. Woolie Reitherman (1978, Thorkil Rasmussen)
  14. Richard Rich (1987-08, Christian Renaut)
  15. Richard Rich (2005, Didier Ghez)
  16. Glen Keane (1997, Didier Ghez)
  17. Glen Keane (1999, Mike Lyons)


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