Pixar: The Design of Story

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Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum, New York, NY, US, http://www.cooperhewitt.org/
A capsule examination of the collaborative design process behind Pixar Animation Studios. On view in the Process Lab, the installation features original artwork—including rarely seen hand-drawn sketches, paintings, and sculptures from over 25 years of Pixar filmmaking–and creative exercises inspired by the Pixar design process.

Concept art from Toy Story, Wall-E, Brave, The Incredibles, and Cars, among other films reveal how the visual design process and story development work hand in hand at Pixar. From a film’s earliest stages, Pixar designers use the design processes of iteration, collaboration, and research to create appealing characters and believable environments that ultimately contribute to the success of the film’s story.

In addition, over 650 Pixar artworks are on view on the touchscreen tables in the Process Lab and the Great Hall, and are tagged to link the Pixar works to thousands of Cooper Hewitt-related collection objects.

Mel Shaw: An Animator on Horseback

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The Walt Disney Family Museum, San Francisco, CA, US, http://waltdisney.org
Explore the first-ever retrospective of Mel Shaw, an artist, storyteller, and Disney Legend, whose artwork influenced some of the most significant animated films of all time, from Fantasia (1940) to The Lion King (1994). Shaw’s own life story was as romantic and adventuresome as the animated stories he helped bring to life.

The Science Behind Pixar

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The Franklin Institute, Philadelphia, PA, US, https://www.fi.edu/
Experience a unique, first-time look into the Pixar process, and explore the science and technology behind some of the most beloved animated films and their unforgettable characters with The Science Behind Pixar. This interactive exhibition showcases the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) concepts used by the artists and computer scientists who help bring Pixar's award-winning films to the big screen.

With more than 40 interactive elements, the exhibition’s eight sections focus on steps in the filmmaking process to give you an unparalleled view of the production pipeline and concepts used at Pixar every day. Participate in engaging hands-on activities, listen to firsthand accounts from members of the studios’ production teams, and even come face-to-face with re-creations of your favorite Pixar film characters, including Buzz Lightyear, Dory, Mike and Sulley, Edna Mode, and WALL•E!

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California Science Center, Los Angeles, CA, US, http://www.californiasciencecenter.org/

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Science Museum of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN, US, http://www.smm.org/

Disney's Art of Storytelling

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Nordiska Akvarellmuseet, Skärhamn, SE, http://akvarellmuseet.org/en
The Nordic Watercolour Museum is the first European venue to host the new animation exhibition, Disney’s Art of Storytelling. The exhibit will showcase not only original drawings and watercolours from the early films of Walt Disney Animation Studios, such as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Fantasia, but it will also include artwork from more recent films, such as The Little Mermaid and maybe the best animated film of all time, Frozen, known to Swedish movie fans as Frost.

Many of the greatest Disney animated films are based on the oral and written storytelling traditions of myths, fables, legends, tall tales and fairy tales. This exhibition, curated by the Walt Disney Animation Research Library, explores the reinterpretations of such stories by the Walt Disney Animation Studios and how such adaptations have helped make the original stories more accessible, engaging, and relevant to contemporary audiences. For some tales presented, Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck provide the appealing entree to telling these stories visually. For other titles, classically familiar literary characters such as Hercules and Robin Hood have been reconceived in novel fashions, stimulating new connections with audiences of those tales.

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Brandts, Odense, DK, https://brandts.dk/en/
Walt Disney Animation Studios created some of the 20th century’s most well known and beloved feature films, embraced by children and adults alike. But did you know that many of these were inspired by myths, legends, tall tales, fables as well as the fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen? This Autumn’s major exhibition, Disney’s Art of Storytelling, tells the story behind the creation of some of the most well-known Disney characters.

The exhibition also tells how an originally Nordic form of storytelling was translated into film by Walt Disney and his artists.

Look forward to going behind the scenes of the iconic 1989 lm The Little Mermaid and the 2013 Academy Award®-winning film Frozen, both of which were inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s stories. The exhibition spans the history of Walt Disney Animation Studios from the animated shorts of the 1930’s to the films of today and includes some rarely seen artwork from the development of the films featuring characters recognized throughout the world.

The exhibition has been created as a collaboration between Brandts and the Walt Disney Animation Research Library in Los Angeles, California.

Matt Crandall's Alice in Wonderland Collection

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Geppi's Entertainment Museum, Baltimore, MD, US, http://www.geppismuseum.com
Matt Crandall has been collecting Walt Disney's Alice in Wonderland since 1989, when a long-forgotten and deep-seated fascination that began with a chance encounter at Disneyland when he was six years old resurfaced with a vengeance. For the past 26 years he has been voraciously pursuing all things Disney Alice, and has amassed what is thought to be the pre-eminent collection in the world. Or least he thinks so... Featured on the 2010 DVD and 2011 Blu-Ray releases in the supplemental documentary "Reflections on Alice", Matt is recognized as an authority on Disney's Alice. He regularly blogs (well, frequently) on the subject and is in the process of writing his long-awaited (and supposedly imminent) book on collecting 1951 Disney Alice merchandise.

Ente gut – alles gut: Die Erfinder des Disney Kosmos: Barks, Taliaferro, Gottfredson

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Museum Helgoland, Helgoland, DE, http://www.museum-helgoland.de
Donald Duck und Micky Maus - zwei Figuren aus der Comic-Welt, die fast jeder kennt. In dieser Ausstellung lernen Sie die drei genialen Künstler hinter den Figuren kennen: Carl Barks, Al Taliaferro und Floyd Gottfredson. Sie haben die bekanntesten Disney-Comics über Jahrzehnte gezeichnet und fast alle Nebenfiguren um Micky und Donald erfunden. Die Sonderausstellung zeigt über 60 Arbeiten von 1933 bis 1995 aus der Sammlung von Ina Brockmann und Peter Reichelt: wertvolle Originale, Bleistift- und Tuschezeichnungen, Tagesstrips und Sonntagsseiten, Aquarelle und Lithographien. Die Entwicklung des Entenkosmos wird sichtbar und historische Disneydokumente geben einen Einblick in die Produktionsbedingungen dieser Zeit.

Carl Barks, Al Taliaferro und Floyd Gottfredson sind die Urheber einer Figurenwelt, die bis heute Teil unseres kollektiven Gedächtnisses und unserer Alltagskultur ist. Diese drei Künstler haben seit den 1930er Jahren das Genre der Comics im Unternehmen von Walt Disney entscheidend entwickelt und geprägt. Mit den gezeichneten, getexteten und oft mit Sprechblasen versehenen Bildergeschichten wurden ihre Comics ein ökonomisch erfolgreiches Lizenz-Produkt des Disney-Konzerns in Abgrenzung zur Trickfilm-Produktion.

Wish Upon a Star: The Art of Pinocchio

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The Walt Disney Family Museum, San Francisco, CA, US, http://waltdisney.org
This never-before-seen exhibition allows visitors to discover the artistic process and step behind-the-scenes to explore how one of the most influential animated films in history was produced: Walt Disney’s 1940 feature-length masterpiece

Eyvind Earle – An Exhibit of a Disney Legend

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Forest Lawn Museum, Glendale, CA, US, http://forestlawn.com/
A career retrospective and centennial celebration of the artist Eyvind Earle (American, 1916–2000) features original oil paintings, watercolors, drawings and sketches, many never seen before on public display!

[Closed Mondays]

Pixar: 30 Years of Animation

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Nagasaki Prefectural Art Museum, Nagasaki, jp, http://www.nagasaki-museum.jp/english/
Many people don’t realize that we have almost as many artists at Pixar working in traditional media—hand drawing, painting, pastels, sculpture—as we do in digital media. Most of their work takes place during the development of a project, when we’re working out the story and the look of the film. The wealth of beautiful art created for each movie is rarely seen outside the studio, but the finished film we send around the world would never be possible without it.


In the early days of computer animation, people used to ask us if the computer made the film. Fortunately, we’ve come a long way since then; it’s been deeply gratifying to have our medium recognized for the art form that it is. In the years since the Museum of Modern Art in New York premiered Pixar: 20 Years of Animation, the show has traveled around the world. It’s been wonderful to bring this inside look at the studio to so many different countries and to see how warmly everyone has greeted the work of our amazing artists.

To celebrate Pixar’s thirtieth anniversary (in 2016), we’ve updated the show with art from the studio’s most recent films, along with brand-new selections from the archives. In these works you’ll see the creativity and skill that opens up our story worlds and gives form to the visions that drive our films. We’re incredibly proud of the studio’s many talented artists, and we’re thrilled to present their work in Pixar: 30 Years of Animation.

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National Museum of History, Taipei, tw, http://www.nmh.gov.tw/en/

2018-05 – 2018-08
Nordiska Akvarellmuseet, Skärhamn, SE, http://akvarellmuseet.org/en

The Art of Walt Disney Animation Studios: Movement by Nature

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Art Ludique, Paris, FR, http://www.artludique.com
350 exceptional art pieces to pay homage to Walt Disney Animation Studios’ incredible modernism and artistry over almost a century

D23 Expo 2017

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Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, CA, US, http://www.anaheim.net/1117/Anaheim-Convention-Center-Arena
All the magic and excitement of the past, present, and future of Disney entertainment will come together once again D23 presents D23 Expo 2017 at the Anaheim Convention Center the weekend of July 14–16. Each of Disney’s magical worlds will unite under one roof to celebrate what’s new and what’s on the horizon from theme parks, television, music, gaming, and films, including Pixar, Star Wars, and Marvel. Advance tickets for D23 Expo 2017 will go on sale at D23Expo.com beginning July 14, 2016.

Expo launched in 2009, and since then the biennial event has attracted tens of thousands of Disney fans from across the country and around the world.

Highlights planned for the fifth D23 Expo include the Disney Legends Ceremony, which honors the talented men and women who have made significant contributions to the Disney legacy; an all-new exhibit curated by the Walt Disney Archives; D23 Expo’s costume contest, Mousequerade, showcasing the most creative designs by fans; the D23 Expo Emporium, where Disney fans can buy, sell, and trade Disney collectibles, memorabilia, merchandise, and more; and the D23 Expo Design Challenge. (Details on the Design Challenge and Mousequerade are coming soon.)